Your first question might be,

“What’s a destination brand?”

Excellent question!

A destination brand is like a promise and a story about what makes it special.

It’s how a town, city, county, etc. presents itself to the world to attract visitors, businesses, and sometimes even new residents. Imagine if a place like Clarion County was a person at a party. The destination brand is how Clarion County introduces itself, what stories it tells, and what memorable traits it has that makes others want to get to know it better. So, a destination brand helps in creating a unique identity for a place, making it stand out from other places, and drawing people to visit.
Just like how everyone in the community contributes to its character, residents also have a role in shaping and sharing their destination’s brand with the world. This is the journey Clarion County is on over the next year and you can help shape Clarion County’s brand.
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